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Camino A la Modernidad / The Path to Modernity
By Danne Ojeda

One of the characteristic features of modern Mexican painting is to draw inspiration from the pre-Columbian history and legacy to incorporate them within their themes.

The structure of this catalogue is inspired by a Mexican pre-Columbian pyramid. This 3D structure allows the front cover to appear like a canvas mounted in a frame as if the book pages would perform a series of paintings.
- Danne Ojeda

Danne Ojeda wanted to capture the sense of experimentation present in the Mexican tradition of open-air painting schools.
This meant that all the material components used had to emphasize the sense of liberation expressed by the defiance of hardcover book design.

Danne Ojeda: I was impressed with the initiatives Dominie Press took throughout the creative process of the catalogue. Alternative solutions and materials were explored, improvements were made promptly, and the final result was a unique product that could also be mass produced. I believe it is the avant-garde attitude of Dominie Press that made the creation of this book-object possible.