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TripleOne Somerset
By Asylum

TripleOne Somerset is a shopping destination within the Orchard and Somerset vicinity of Singapore.

With the launch of this new, exciting shopping centre, we wanted to create a black and white brochure that revealed splashes of bright colours peeping through French-fold pages with multiple typograhic die-cuts. Due to the complexity of the intricate die-cuts, we were concerned about how some parts of the brochure may tear easily.
- Cara Ang

Asylum Creative chose Dominie Press as it has been their printing partner for a decade. Asylum Creative was confident that the company could produce a good-quality, intricate-designed brochure that they had in mind. And all within the timeframe they had.

Cara Ang: Dominie Press worked closely with us to
fine-tune the die-cut designs while maintaining the level of detail we desired. We were pleased with the completed brochure and even received a request from Europe to send this beautiful brochure to them.